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[Silver hammered knuckle ring by Fashionology]





[Well Travelled resin series: Seoul necklace by Skinner Studio, via Etsy]

A couple of months ago, I got myself the resin necklace from Skinner Studio because it was such an awesome find on Etsy and as we all know, Korea has a very special immovable place in my heart. That’s me wearing it up there. Now C, my dear hubsy bubsy, bought herself a resin Well Travelled Denmark ring just the other day, totally without knowing that I’ve got the Seoul version for myself! In the midst of what seems like a few gazillion Etsy shops floating in cyberspace, my hubsy and I have just got to be kindred spirits. Only about 9,350 miles apart.


Just before the library sesh today, webcamming with my crazy little dog 30,000 miles away. She always refuses to look at the computer screen and I have a hard time trying to capture her oft-waning attention. The McQueen ring (monstrosity on my index finger) seemed to make her look today though. Think from hereon I’ll put on all the shiny happy things I have on my fingers just for that wee bit more love from her.

Canine slave, I am.

[Amo Ut Invenio silver and bone enamel ring by Shaun Leane]

[Choose-your-colour-and-chain braided silk friendship bracelet by Ariel Gordon]

[Aikea Guinea ring by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, via Bona Drag]

[Hinged Plate ring by Eddie Borgo]

[Feather necklace by House of Harlow 1960, via ASOS]

[Fiji Luck bracelet by Monica Vinader, via Astley Clarke]

[Fiji Success bracelet by Monica Vinader, via Astley Clarke]

My mom has quite an enviable collection of jewellery (especially rings) and she’s always on the lookout for good designs everywhere she goes. When I was younger I really detested the part of our shopping trips where she had to look at jewellery because that really was the last thing on my mind. It was more like When can we go to TopShop alreadyyyyyy!

Now that I’m older, my appreciation for jewellery has taken on a life of its own. Something I would never have imagined when I was an angsty young’in. I guess I can only say I am my mother’s daughter.

p/s: I got the Monica Vinader Fiji Success bracelet. And the Shaun Leane Amo Ut Invenio ring says Tempty Tempty.

[Rings: Topshop, Swatch, Lee Hwa Jewellery. Bracelets: All The Desert Foxx. Necklaces: Ariel Gordon, my own design. Checkered shirt: Vintage. Tee: H&M]

I received the red coral cross, turquoise, and metal chain bracelets (altogether very deliciously named The Threesome) from Highdee of The Desert Foxx yesterday. Very fierce – and melovesit! Go get your Threesome from Highdee today. Okay sorry, that was a very unfunny attempt at being funny.

On another note, I realised that this is the first time the Ariel Gordon initial necklace has been photographed on me, since it arrived way back in January (even though I wear it almost everyday). I got it to mark a fresh new start after the period of crap-which-shall-not-be-named happened, just like the Swatch Secret Code ring after the period of earlier-crap-which-shall-not-be-named. New ear piercings, milestone jewellery purchases and a visit to the hair salon are my choice of therapy.

[Stirling silver cross ring by Pamela Love, images via Bona Drag]

Remember my little lament on making investments? Well I did make one! Just not the one I originally planned to get.

I just placed an order for the silver cross ring, also by P. Love. Just in time for Easter too. Don’t know why but it just felt right and when I saw that Liberty had it available, I knew that I had to have it. It’s sold out everywhere else.

And now I have a contented stupid grin on my face.

[Double cage ring by Pamela Love, via Bona Drag]


I know my friends are investing in blue chip and currencies and the ones getting married are sinking their money into their first homes. X told me two weeks ago he is considering an apartment in London.

Me? I think I consider statement rings and very me-ish necklaces good investments.
(Okay okay. Bags too.)

I’m going to sleep on this. Because this Pamela Love ring, I would wear forever.

[All images from Luxiare]

Unlike my mother, who has the most dainty fingers among anyone I know, I like my rings chunky, irregular, very metallic and for lack of a better word , fierce. If it makes someone who casts eyes on it think Whoa she could take my eye out with that, it is a good ring.

I especially like the chains-around-quartz rings that Luxiare designed herself, but her other vintage finds make for some fabulous finger armour too. I wish I had time to trawl flea markets now because there you sometimes find the best eye-pokers you could ever put on your fingers.


Well played by Rumi, as usual. I love how she interplays her rings with such ease, and it’s not like they’re tiny pieces that are totally nondescript. 

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Thoroughly impractical for daily wear (imagine writing with your index and third fingers never parting).
But can I say the design philosophy is just brill?

Je t’aime: Two as One.

Erica Anenberg Je T’aime Double Ring

That was the moment I fell in love with Paris. 
And I felt Paris fall in love with me.