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I hope my grandmothers don’t mind, but I think I’m going monotone for the Lunar New Year.





[via See By Chloé, SS 2011]

Scalloped trim makes me go weak in the knees, transpose want into need, pace Fraser’s floors repeatedly, and completely surrender my credit card over the till (consequently breaking my first resolution of 2011. Already.).

Hey Santa, I know I’m about 11 months too early, but if you consider the fact that Christmas last year was pretty crappy for me as a mitigating factor, would you mind sending either the crossbody sling or satchel my way? In camel.

Merci bien!


[The Fashion Darling]

Not the Chanel clogs and not even the JC Charli, but I got them cloggies!

I have to say that at heights above 5″, wedges and wider-than-average wooden heels that are the epitome of sturdy are so much more merciful to my bunions. And they make me ask what a stiletto actually is.

[Light bulb terrarium by Tiny Terra, via Etsy]

[Mini dot zip-up handbag by Cath Kidston]

I wish spring was here, really. The gloomy days of incessant rain and passing cars sending big muddy splashes my way really don’t make for much positivity.

I got the mini dot bag from Cath Kidston yesterday. Don’t you think it would go perfectly with sunshine, green grass and picnic baskets opening up to red velvet cupcakes topped with lemon-vanilla piping?

[Bombay Satchel in red, Marc by Marc Jacobs, via Net-A-Porter]

I know I haven’t blogged about the Selfridges sale I went for on Boxing Day, but I think it’s taken THAT long for me to recover from it.

The pain of queuing, the pain of being in the midst of so many determined women (scary shit), the pain of surviving on three pathetic hours of sleep,and the pain of shopping with a gut that had just been through a bout of Christmas lactose intolerance. And most importantly – the pain of the rapid depletion of my bank account balance.

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[Handcrafted C initial pendant in sterling silver by Ariel Gordon Jewellery]

Sometimes the best things are the simplest, and the most beautiful.
Ariel Gordon, like me, probably believes that good things come in small packages.

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[Pointy sleeve jacket by Stolen Girlfriends Club via Pixie Market]

So I decide that since it’s been such a trying fortnight, I should reward myself with a treat in the form of one of the the things I’ve been eyeballing on Pixie Market (as if I needed any real reason to).

What luck this is – everything I want/wanted is sold-freaking-out.

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pushBUTTON via 4evamall

Maybe it’s Thanksgiving (and I really want something to be thankful for);
Maybe it’s the blue Christmas fairylights that have come up all over Oxford Street…

Either way, I’m coveting/eyeballing/desiring so many possible wardrobe additions!

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Decisions decisions.

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