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And while we’re still looking at a Rational Society, a’la Rumi’s amazing dress, we shouldn’t forget the rest of the equally ogle-worthy goodies from the same mother.

The palette? Ooh. The slouch factor? Ooh. The endless possibilities? Ooh.

But most of all, the cunningly deceptive simplicity? Ooh and a big UH HUH.


[Liebe Marlene Vintage]

Doesn’t she just spell spring?

Not in the effervescent sunshine and lush floral hues kind of way; oh no. She is spring in a quiet, calm and secret-smile moment – the kind of person you’d love to spend a precious afternoon with. The sort of afternoon where your tea tastes lovely no matter how cold it’s gone and when the same old stories aren’t stale no matter how many times you’ve heard them before. And the kind of afternoon where your cheeks are a wee bit achy, only because you’ve been smiling so much.

And God knows, I need these smiles back.

Did you catch some Vitamin D today?

J and I sure did, accompanied by a skinny mocha frappe for me and iced coffee for her. We just sat in the park in front of our street and vegged out for an hour, catching up on some good goss and collectively wondering why some people would eat from where they just pooped on. On a less secret-code note, I really liked J‘s new Elvis-style hair because it reminds me of my happy friend E and it’s a nice welcoming ritual of sorts for the spring sun!

[Tunic: Zara. Blazer: Thrifted. Shorts: Zara. Necklace: Vintage. Rings: Topshop, Swatch Secret Code. Tights: Wolford. Shoes: Neu Look. Bag: Burberry. Shades: H&M]

The sun came out in her full regalia today in Zurich. It was so nice out that I actually spotted someone sunbathing in a bikini top along the lake, which is mildly ridiculous because it’s not that warm. But I can somewhat understand the desperate sentiments of winter whitelings wanting to put the rosy back on their cheeks. Anyways I put the rosy back on mine with a platefulof luxemburgerli at Sprüngli, washed down with a glass of their signature cold chocolate.

[The Garden Collection by H&M]

Besides the fact that my dear S has given me an assignment of grabbing one or three of the lovely dresses from The Garden Collection for her, I’ve been wanting to run to H&M to add some of these spring pretties to my own wardrobe. I mean, the temperatures are finally rising (12°, anyone?) and it seems quite possible to ditch the mammoth-esque top coats that would look quite ridiculous with peasant blouses and that lovely petal-bosom strapless dress up there.

I’ve been looking with some envy for quite a while, at the lucky Cali bloggers who waltz out of their homes in thin cardigans and un-stockinged legs. Let it be us soon!

[under.ligne Spring 2010 by Doo-Ri Chung]

If we’re talking about jersey dresses, it must be compulsory to stop by Doo-Ri Chung‘s under.ligne label. While it’s usually the doo.ri main line making waves down the runway, the lovely spring dresses at under.ligne are what I really fancy. I love how she’s got her simple-with-a-twist signature down pat on every single piece in the collection. And imagine the limitless possibilities of dressing up (or down) any of these casual classics. Oh the simple separates that could twist things around: a bodychain, a string of freshwater pearls, a long cardigan, a boyfriend blazer, knee socks, a straw hat, a pair of girly moccasins, distressed leather brogues and a spring in your step?

(Oh bad pun, but how could I not?)

[Marc Jacobs Fall 2010, via Fashionologie]

Usually it’s the greys and whites that have my undivided attention, but the neutrals really caught my eye in Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2010 collection. I don’t know what it is about neutral gear that’s really calling out to me of late, but it might just be the springtime air that beckons everyone away from a darker palette.

Neutrals, bows and swirly hemlines. Uh huh.

[Tee: Topshop. Shorts: Zara. Belt: Random one I’ve had forever. Blazer: Thrifted. Tights: Accessorise.]

When I woke up in the morning, gorgeous slivers of sunshine sifted through the blinds. Finally warming up!, I thought. I was duped. Consequently, wearing holey leggings proved to be a terrible (and painful) mistake. Note to self: spring does not come till late-March in London. Oh, for the sake of hypothermised legs, do remember that.

[Light bulb terrarium by Tiny Terra, via Etsy]

[Mini dot zip-up handbag by Cath Kidston]

I wish spring was here, really. The gloomy days of incessant rain and passing cars sending big muddy splashes my way really don’t make for much positivity.

I got the mini dot bag from Cath Kidston yesterday. Don’t you think it would go perfectly with sunshine, green grass and picnic baskets opening up to red velvet cupcakes topped with lemon-vanilla piping?