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t must be this horrid weather that the powers that be have bestowed upon London that make me pine deliriously for sunshine. And Portugal of course, for it is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in the summertime when the weather is high (oh yes, Mungo Jerry). There are so many beautiful memories I still have of the time I visited Porto, Lisbon and a couple of small seaside towns by the Algarve coast in 2007, but it was the dreamy beaches drenched in sunshine and amazing food that anchored Portugal as the top spot in Europe for me. With five month-long backpacking trips to Europe and a six-month stay in Belgium inked on my passport, that’s saying a lot.

I’ll be back before you know it. Mindblowing arroz de marisco and the best egg tarts in the world? Mmmmmkay.


August 2009

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Shinjuku night

Memories of Time


3 more days to glossy junctions, twisted fashion, hot springs, temples (at J‘s insistence) and many a steaming bowl of ramen stewed in hours of bone and cartillage goodness.

And Shibuya 109? I’m told it’s like Far East Plaza on steroids.

Can’t wait! 🙂


Sitting home nursing a severe case of laryngitis brings out the worst possible pangs of wanderlust.
I know Tokyo is less than a fortnight away, but y’know, Europe is numero uno for this girl.

So, back to the home-bound issue. In a bid to quell the bubbling wanderlust, I turn to my arsenal of travel pictures.

Here’s Salzburg, June 2008.
Where I met some of the coolest people, cheered on the side of the Swedes for their EuroCup match against the home side and of course, did the compulsory skip around THE gazebo.

You are 16 going on 17!